Research colloquium

Current semester (FS18)

Room: FRE-D-14

Date Presenter Title
02.03.2018 Monique Flecken Seeing events through a language lens: Cross-linguistic influences in event cognition
09.03.2018 Enrique Palancar Criss-crossing classification in inflectional morphology : The case of Amuzgo (Oto-Manguean, Mexico)
16.03.2018 John Lowe Non-verbal transitive categories in Vedic Sanskrit
23.03.2018 Ben Ambridge Avoiding overgeneralization errors across languages: The Crosslinguistic Acquisition of Sentence Structure (CLASS) Project
20.04.2018 François Pellegrino Exploring the Human Language Niche: Do languages regulate their information rate? Cancelled
27.04.2018 Marcus Perlman Language is iconic and multimodal to its evolutionary core: Evidence from the gorilla Koko and a high-stakes (human) game of “vocal” charades
04.05.2018 Géraldine Walther,
Claudia Cathomas
25.05.2018 Mathias Jenny,
Hiram Ring,
Wei-Wei Lee
Verb-initial structures in Austroasiatic - project presentation