Library of the Department of Comparative Linguistics

The Department of Comparative Linguistics maintains a scientific library with two special areas, General Linguistics and Indoeuropean Studies. The Phonetics Lab library is part of the NEBIS network, and its holdings can be searched via the Rechercheportal UZH/ZH, whereas the General Linguistics and Indo-European Studies libraries have in-house catalogs. For further information, please visit the websites of the individual libraries.

New library network with joint issue desk

On Monday, April 3, 2017 the Bibliotheksverbund Platte, a library network comprising the libraries of the Department of Slavic Languages (SLA), the General and Comparative Literary Studies (AVL) and the Department of Comparative Linguistics (IVS) will be launched at Plattenstrasse 43.

As of April 3, books of the SLA, AVL and IVS collections will be issued at a joint checkout desk situated in the basement of Plattenstrasse 43 (room 002). The IVS collections will still be located at Plattenstrasse 54 (current General Linguistics and Indoeuropean Studies literature), at Seilergraben 53 (General Linguistics and Indoeuropean Studies archives) and at the main building of the University of Zurich (Phonetics Lab).

IVS key texts ('Semesterapparate' - no borrowing) and the department's exhibition of newly acquired books (borrowing possible) will be located on the ground floor of Plattenstrasse 54 until further notice.

Please refer to our checkout desk for information on how to use the network libraries and search the catalogs. You can also make appointments for expert advice, e.g. about advanced queries for term papers or research projects.

Until further notice, please call ahead (044 634 30 01) to book an appointment for using the Phonetics Lab library. Books from this library can be ordered at our  checkout desk or borrowed directly at the Phonetics Lab. Books from the IVS archives at Seilergraben 53 can also be ordered at the checkout desk.

Please note that as of April 3, 2017 the user regulations of the Zentralbibliothek Zürich (ZB) will apply to all collections of the Bibliotheksverbund Platte. Please refer to ZB's homepage for information on loan periods and charges.

The library network provides a study room with a reading lounge as well as a group study room to SLA, AVL and IVS students as well as students of other disciplines. There is a coffee vending machine in our break and copy room.

We are pleased to offer you improved library services as of April 3, 2017!

Your Platte library team

Important information

  • Location of checkout desk: Plattenstrasse 43 ('PLG'), basement, room 002
  • Opening hours of issue desk: Monday through Friday, 9:00-17:00
  • Study room with reading lounge (quiet area): PLG, basement, room 008
  • Group study room (parlatory): PLG, basement, room 001
  • Copy machines and coffee vending machine: PLG, basement, room 007