New SNF Grant on the Processing of Ergative Structures

Together with Martin Meyer (Psychology, UZH), Balthasar Bickel was awarded a three-year grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation for a project on “Ergativity in comprehension and production: language typology and processing”. The project will collaborate with an international team at the MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen (E. Norcliffe, S. Levinson), the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language, San Sebastián (M. Carreras), the U. of South Australia, Adelaide (I. Bornkessel-Schlesewksy), the U. of Auckland (I. Kirk, Q. Atkinson), and the Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar (K. Choudhary). Project work will begin early 2016.

Kevin Brunner