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Institut für Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft

4 new SNSF grants (100% success rate!) at IVS

In this year's fall round of new SNSF grants, members of the department were awarded 4 new grants: 

1. Angelika Malinar & Paul Widmer: "Online-Edition of the Paippalada Version of the Atharvaveda".

2. Paul Widmer & Balthasar Bickel: "The Evolution of Noun Phrases in Indo-Iranian: empirical foundations and theoretical modeling".

3. Sabine Stoll, Moritz Daum, Aylin Küntay & Tilbe Göksun: "The role of causality in early verb learning: language-specific factors vs. universal learning strategies".

4. Stephan Schmidt: "Phonetic features of (multi-)ethnic urban vernaculars".

This success is particularly remarkable since the current round had a relatively low success rate of 37% (compared to 43% in 2015, 45% 2014, and 47% 2013).
Congratulations to everybody!