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Institut für Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft



  • Presentation by Martin Meyer and Florian Riese: «Die Grenzen meiner Sprache sind die Grenzen meiner Welt» - Der Verlust der Sprache bei Demenz

  • Paper presentation at the 23rd Amsterdam Colloquium

  • JSPS Grant awarded to Nicole Tamer

  • Five Talks by department members at the ALT Conference, Austin, TX

  • Workshop: New Results and Methods in Reconstructing Population History

  • New publication by Lev Michael, Natalia Chousou Polydouri, Gereon Kaiping and collaborators on Arawak calibrations

  • New paper co-authored by department members Guanghao You and Sabine Stoll

  • Guest talk by Chundra Cathcart at Collaborative Research Center "Limits of Variability in Language", University of Potsdam

  • Conference presentation by Milad Abedi at International Conference on Silk Road Studies: Iranian terms for footwear and their naming motivations

  • Genes and languages go together, except when they don’t: New PNAS paper by DCLS members

  • Release of the Gheg Albanian treebank co-authored by Christian Ebert and Paul Widmer in UD 2.11

  • Poster presentation at BUCLD by Olivier Rüst

  • BUCLD 47 poster by Mila Feurstein

  • Presentation by Morgane Jourdain at BUCLD on the simplification of verb morphology in contingent child-directed speech

  • Ira Kurthen, Allison Christen, Martin Meyer and Nathalie Giroud published a paper regarding neural speech tracking in NeuroImage

  • New paper by Gabriel Jorgewich-Cohen, Simon Townsend and colleagues in Nature communications on the origins of acoustic communication!

  • Invited talk by Erika Just by the CRC "Prominence in Language" in Cologne

  • SNSF Ambizione grant awarded to Sebastian Sauppe

  • Invited presentation by Natalia Chousou-Polydouri, David Inman, and Marine Vuillermet at the Dynamique Du Langage research unit in Lyon

  • From typology to areality: Mapping American linguistic areas

  • SNFS grant awarded to Stefan Schnell

  • Invited talk by Marine Vuillermet at ComPLETE conference in Mainz

  • Invited Talk by David Inman at ComPLETE conference in Mainz

  • David Inman received third prize at the Societas Linguistica Europaea in the category of Best Conference Papers by starting post-doctoral researchers

  • Conference paper by Milad Abedi at DOT 2022: A new perspective on a supposed sound change between Middle and New Persian

  • Conference paper by Milad Abedi and Samira Müller at ICSTLL55: Donkey-eared or Rabbit-eared, that’s the question – Trans-Himalayan zoonyms as seen in relation with their neighbouring languages

  • Call combinations in chimpanzees: a social tool?

  • Second international ZAZH-congress, 1-3 September 2022

  • PhD thesis defense Stefan Dedio

  • Papers by Borja Herce and Carmen Saldaña at IMM20 in Budapest, 1-4 September 22

  • Papers and Posters of DCLS members at JCoLE in Kanazawa & Online, 5-8 September 22

  • Papers and Posters of DCLS members at SLE 55 in Bucharest, 24-27 August 22

  • New paper by Carmen Saldana on (ir)rational decision making strategies across human and non-human primates

  • New paper by Joseph Mine & Simon Townsend on communication used for cooperative hunting in chimpanzees

  • New paper by Erika Just & Alena Witzlack-Makarevich on a corpus-based analysis of P indexing in Ruuli

  • Papers of DCLS members at ICHL 25 in Oxford, 1-5 August 22

  • Carmen Saldana presented joint work with Borja Herce and Balthasar Bickel at CogSci2022

  • Talk by Johanna Schick at CogSci 2022: Declarative and imperative pointing acts by infants can be distinguished by accompanying preverbal vocalisations

  • Talk on "Case marking influences visual event apprehension" by Arrate Isasi-Isasmendi and colleagues at CogSci 2022

  • Nicole Tamer presents a poster at the IMPRS conference at the Max Planck Institue of Psycholinguistics

  • Nicole Tamer, Alexandra Bosshard and Natalia Morozova present their research at interactive booths at the Night of Science in Geneva

  • Nicole Tamer presents at ComHum22 at the University of Lausanne

  • New review paper in Biological Reviews exploring the evolutionary origins of Arbitrariness

  • CanDoc grant awarded to Silvan Spiess

  • CanDoc grant awarded to Sakine Cabuk Balli

  • Workshop at ULIS, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

  • DCLS signs MoU with ULIS, Vietnam

  • Simon Townsend receives SNSF Research Exchange grant

  • Syntax is rooted in primate event cognition: two new papers by Bickel and colleagues

  • New paper by Raffael Schmitt, Martin Meyer and Nathalie Giroud

  • Dagmar Jung gave invited lecture at De La Salle University, Manila

  • Nour Efrat-Kowalsky and Paul Widmer co-author paper introducing contacTree, a a Bayesian phylogenetic model with horizontal transfer for language evolution

  • New paper by Constanze Riha, Dominik Güntensperger, Tobias Kleinjung and Martin Meyer

  • Culture Conference - November 14th & 15th 2022

  • Olivier Rüst and colleagues publish "The Acquisition of Case Systems in Typologically Diverse Languages: Children Gradually Generalize Abstract Grammatical Rules"

  • New paper from Nicole Lahiff, Simon Townsend, Volker Dellwo and colleagues in Animal Cognition showing the processing of degraded and computer-generated speech in a language-trained bonobo.

  • Talk at 3rd International Conference "Prominence in Language" on "The prominence of agents in event cognition and language processing: Reviewing the cross-linguistic evidence for a malleable preference"

  • Three papers at the European federation for primatology in June 2022

  • Chapter on differential object indexing in Maltese by Erika Just

  • Bickel joins the Scientific Advisory Board of the MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology

  • Inman, Vuillermet present at SLE 2022 "Singular-plural stem alternation: A detailed typology and global distribution"

  • New paper on "Cross-linguistic differences in case marking shape neural power dynamics and gaze behavior during sentence planning" by Bickel, Meyer, and Sauppe

  • Kellen van Dam publishes paper on "Tangsa-Nocte as a Continuum: A diagnostic feature list for classification of varieties"

  • K. van Dam's talk on "Semantic Splits in Northern Naga: Lexical disambiguation through partial sound changes in polysemes"

  • New paper out in Language and Cognition co-authored by Sabine Stoll

     "Do typological differences in the expression of causality influence preschool children's causal event construal?"

  • Dr. Rowena Garcia, University of Potsdam & MPI Psycholinguistics Nijmegen als Guest Speaker im PhD-Kolloquium am 26.4.2022

    Dr. Rowena Garcia als Guest Speaker im PhD -Kolloquium 'Corpus Based Language Acquisition Research' (ACQIDV-Lab-Meeting)

  • Borja Herce will present at APIM 2022 (Analogical Patterns in Inflectional Morphology)

  • New publication by Borja Herce relies on quantitative corpus data to describe the grammatical profile of a 'negative polarity item' in Spanish, and its emergence in the language.

  • SNSF grant awarded to Chundra Cathcart

  • Plenary talk at 35th Conference on Human Sentence Processing by department members Sebastian Sauppe, Martin Meyer, and Balthasar Bickel

  • Paul Widmer and Salvatore Scarlata on R̥gvedic depictive adjectival compounds and their functions

  • New paper by Benjamin Isler, Martin Meyer et al.

  • New paper by Borja Herce explores the morphological intricacies of possessor inflection in Chichimec (Otomanguean)

  • Talk by Borja Herce on "Stem alternations in Romance verbal inflection and the interaction between frequency and morphological paradigmatic predictability"

    Borja Herce gives talk at LiZZ Doctoral Colloquium on March 10th, 2022

  • "Plot of the month" series funded by GRC Short Grant

  • Keynote by Sabine Stoll at the 9th International Conference of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association

  • New paper out in Cognitive Science, co-authored by DCLS members Carmen Saldana, Sabine Stoll and Balthasar Bickel

  • Call for abstracts: ALT 14 workshop on differential argument indexing

  • Edgar Suter reconstructs sets of subject inflections that may have ancient roots

  • Outreach: NZZ article mentioning Martin Meyer's research

  • Early Career Researchers receive GRC Peer Mentoring Grant

  • Chapters co-authored by lab member Stefan Schnell

  • Doing corpus-based typology with spoken language corpora

  • Crosslinguistic corpus studies in linguistic typology

  • Alexandra Bosshard presents "Using linguistic methods to quantify call combinations in chimpanzees" at IPS-SLAPrim 2022

  • Maël Leroux and colleagues present 'Call Combinations in Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii)' at IPS-SLAPrim 2022

    Department member Maël Leroux together with colleagues Anne M. Schel, Claudia Wilke, Bosco Chandia, Klaus Zuberbühler, Katie E. Slocombe & Simon W. Townsend present "Call Combinations in Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii)" at the Joint Meeting of the International Primatological Society and the Latin American Society of Primatology in Quito.


    IPS-SLAPrim Conference Website

  • 'Detecting structured repetition in child-surrounding speech: Evidence from maximally diverse languages’. New paper by Sabine Stoll and colleagues in Cognition