New paper by Raffael Schmitt, Martin Meyer and Nathalie Giroud

Schmitt, Meyer and Giroud investigated the effects of pure-tone hearing loss and different types of background noise on the neural tracking response in a large sample of older adults and whether the neural tracking response was predictive for speech comprehension. The results highlight the potential of neural speech tracking as an objective measure of speech comprehension and as a possible target mechanism for clinical interventions such as neurofeedback. Furthermore, the interaction between speech tracking and pure-tone hearing loss suggests a compensatory mechanism by which the hearing-impaired rely more on slow amplitude modulations in the speech signal.


Raffael Schmitt, Martin Meyer & Nathalie Giroud. (2022). Better speech-in-noise comprehension is associated with enhanced neural speech tracking in older adults with hearing impairment, Cortex, Volume 151, Pages 133-146. ISSN 0010-9452.