Papers and Posters of DCLS members at SLE 55 in Bucharest, 24-27 August 22

At this year’s conference of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE 55) in Bucharest, 24 – 27 August 2022, a number of department members are presenting papers and posters.



Chundra Cathcart, Jessica Ivani, Carlo Meloni and Balthasar Bickel

Complexity in clause linkage: exploring the evolution of left-branching dependencies


David Inman and Marine Vuillermet

Singular-plural stem alternation: A detailed typology and global distribution


Arrate Isasi-Isasmendi, Sebastian Sauppe, Caroline Andrews, Itziar Laka, Monique Flecken, Moritz Daum, Martin Meyer and Balthasar Bickel

The agent preference in comprehension and production: neurophysiological and behavioural evidence from Basque


Paul Widmer and Barbara Sonnenhauser

Extralinguistic factors can actuate change in novel contact situations. Evolving narrative conventions in Albanian–German bilinguals



Stefan Schnell and Nils Norman Schiborr

Against discourse-based topicality