Call for abstracts: ALT 14 workshop on differential argument indexing

Differential indexing refers to the intra-linguistic variation with regard to the presence of bound verbal person marking (covering phenomena such as ‘optional agreement’, ‘clitic doubling’, ‘anti-agreement’, and ‘hierarchical agreement’), and the semantic, referential, and discoursestructural factors which trigger it.

Language-specific as well as cross-linguistic studies have shown not only that the factors underlying differential indexing differ from language to language, but also that there is often a complex interplay of various factors involved within a single language. 

The workshop invites typological studies, presentations focusing on a particular areal or genetic group of languages, as well as language-specific (corpus-based) case studies. It will cover, among other things, the following:

  • the operationalization and evaluation of the various (combinations of) factors which trigger differential indexing
  • showcasing different methodologies that can be used to account for intra- and inter-linguistic variation
  • discussing relevant diachronic scenarios for how differential indexing arises
  • investigating and comparing differential indexing for various macroroles
  • exploring to what extent differential indexing might be related to other syntactic circumstances

For more information, please contact the convenors:

Pegah Faghiri,

Erika Just,

Eva van Lier,

Katherine Walker,

You can find the information on submitting an abstract on the ALT 2022 abstract submission page: