5 talks by department members at SLE 2015

There are 5 talks by department members at SLE 2015 in Leiden: Balthasar Bickel, Taras Zakharko, Steven Moran, Robert Schikowski, and Sabine Stoll will present a paper on "Syntactic mixing across generations in an environment of community-wide bilingualism”; Balthasar Bickel, Taras Zakharko together with former department members Alena Witzlack-Makarevich and Giorgio Iemmolo on "The distribution of zeros in agreement paradigms: exploring diachronic universals”; Manuel Widmer with Marius Zemp (Kobe) on "From syntactic to epistemic relations: the rise of conjunct/disjunct marking in Bunan”; Manuel Widmer with Marius Zemp (Kobe) and Fernando Zúñiga (Bern) on "Knowledge from a Himalayan perspective: a preliminary typology of conjunct/disjunct oppositions in Tibeto-Burman"; Rik van Gijn on "Clitics and particles in Tupian". Further, Rik van Gijn and Fernando Zúñiga (Bern) are the convenors of the workshop "Clitics: areal and genealogical perspectives".

Sascha Völlmin