Two new publications by Balthasar Bickel

Schackow, D., B. Bickel, S. K. Rai, N. P. Sharma (Gautam), A. Rai, & M. Gaenszle. 2012. Morphosyntactic properties and scope behavior of ‘subordinate’ clauses in Puma (Kiranti). In Gast, V. & H. Diessel (Eds.), Clause-combining in cross-linguistic perspective: data-driven approaches, pp. 105-126. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter

Schiering, R., B. Bickel, & K. Hildebrandt, 2012. Stress-timed = word-based? Testing a hypothesis in Prosodic Typology. Language Typology and Universals 65, 157–168.