Workshop „Linguistic diversity meets the brain“ to be held at IVS, 15-17 May 2017

From 15-17 May 2017 the workshop „Linguistic diversity meets the brain: Future directions in the language sciences“ will be held at the Department of Comparative Linguistics. This workshop is organized by department members Sebastian Sauppe and Damián E. Blasi and will feature talks by leading researchers and the cognitive (neuro-)science of language.

The main goal of the workshop is to discuss how linguistic typology and psycho- and neurolinguistics can be integrated. This will foster research into how processing mechanisms might influence language change and the distribution of grammatical features and how the grammatical diversity among the world’s languages might be exploited to improve language processing theories.

More information, including the list of invited speakers and the call for papers, can be found on the workshop homepage.

Sascha Völlmin