New publications by Andreas Hölzl 2018

Hölzl, Andreas. 2018. A typology of questions in Northeast Asia and beyond. An ecological perspective (Studies in Diversity Linguistics 20). Berlin: Language Science Press, 546 pp.

Hölzl, Andreas & Peter-Arnold Mumm. 2018. Klasse Person: Festschrift für Wolfgang Schulze anlässlich seines 65. Geburtstags am 29. Januar 2018. International Journal of Diachronic Linguistics and Linguistic Reconstruction 15, 445 pp.

Book chapter
Hölzl, Andreas. 2018a. Constructionalization areas: The case of negation in Manchu. In Evie Cousse, Peter Andersson & Joel Olofsson (eds.). Grammaticalization meets Construction Grammar, 241–276. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

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