Familybias (R-package)

Source code on GitHub

As described in: Bickel, B. 2013. Distributional biases in language families. In: Bickel, B., L.A. Grenoble, D.A. Peterson and A. Timberlake [eds.] Language typology and historical contingency. Amsterdam: Benjamins

Installation Instructions

The easiest way to install the familybias package is to use the devtools package (available on CRAN)

  1. Install the devtools package: install.packages('devtools') (if not yet installed)
  2. Load the devtools package: library(devtools)
  3. Install the familybias package: install_github('familybias', 'UZH-IVS')

Using the familybias package

  1. To load the package, start R and type library(familybias).
  2. Type ?familybias for more information on how to use the package.

Unified Style Sheet for Linguistics, patched version

Genealogical sample algorithm

As described in: Bickel, Balthasar, 2008. A refined sampling procedure for genealogical control. Language Typology and Universals 61, 221 - 33.

R script for reading Toolbox files into R

Shell scripts transforming CHAT files into Toolbox files

Two bash scripts in one zip archive; one script for CHAT files with headers; one for CHAT files without headers.

Convenience functions for searching corpora in R

See explanations for use with CPDP corpora.

Convenience functions for counting words in toolbox corpora from within R

R script for extracting, tabulating and exporting IMDI metadata

Many other convenience functions for working with CPDP corpora