Present courses at the University of Zurich

Fall 2019

  • Monomaster "Linguistics": Linguistic annotation and analysis (Bwe Karen)

Past courses at the University of Zurich

  • The structure of Shan
  • The structure of Thai
  • The structure of Mon
  • Serial Verbs
  • Morphology
  • Introduction to General Linguistics
  • Thai Language
  • Burmese for beginners
  • The languages of Southeast Asia
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Language
  • The structure of Burmese
  • Language change and Grammaticalisation
  • Areal Linguistics
  • Clause types
  • Anthropological Linguistics
  • Fieldmethods - theory and praxis (Cebuano, Northern Khmer)
  • The languages of Myanmar - areal features and spread
  • Austroasiatic languages
  • The structure of Tagalog
  • Syntax
  • Field methods (Teddim Chin, exercise)
  • Basic Burmese (language course for beginners)

Past courses at the INaLCO, Paris

  • Initiation à la langue et culture môn 1 et 2