General Linguistics Group


General linguistics describes the diverse linguistic structures found among the world's languages with a view to both their universal and local development. Since our knowledge of the multitude of linguistic forms is still relatively limited, and since many languages are in danger of disappearing as a consequence of globalization, one important objective of general linguistics is the study of individual languages and the documentation of those languages for the benefit of future generations.

To achieve these objectives general linguistics has its own analytical methods, as well as using more general computational and, increasingly, statistical and mathematical techniques.

If you consider studying General Linguistics we recommend the following two documents providing insights into the topic:

What is General Linguistics? (PDF, 132 KB)

Sprachliche Vielfalt im Wechselspiel von Natur und Kultur (PDF, 4188 KB)
(Transcript of Balthasar Bickel's talk at the lectures series «Sprache(n) verstehen» / «Understanding language(s)» in fall 2012; in German only)