Indo-Iranian NPs

Indo-Iranian NP evolution in its areal context (SNSF Project)

What drove the diversification of noun phrase syntax in Indo-Iranian? What is due to functional pressures? What results from local contact events?

  • Contact: Chundra Cathcart

  • Team: Chundra Cathcart, Andreas Hölzl, Svenja Bonmann, Balthasar Bickel

  • Local Partners: Paul Widmer, Peter Ranacher

Selected publications:

Cathcart, C. A., Hölzl, A., Jäger, G., Widmer, P., & Bickel, B. 2020. Numeral classifiers and number marking in Indo-Iranian. Language Dynamics and Change. 1-53. doi:

Widmer, M., S. Auderset, P. Widmer, J. Nichols & B. Bickel. 2017. NP recursion over time: evidence from Indo-European. Language 93. 1–36.