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Department of Comparative Language Science

SIG Language Origins and Animal Communication


This SIG aims at studying language origins and animal communication through a comparative approach.


- Reflecting on theories, key concepts and relevant papers in the field.

- Discussing planned or ongoing research of members of the department (as well as collaborators), giving feedback on experimental methodologies or statistical analyses.

- Brainstorming on potential ideas for future collaboration on theoretical and empirical work pertinent to the study of language origins and animal communication.

In addition, in the interest of fine-tuning our scientific communication skills, these meetings can be used as a platform to practice oral presentations on topics pertinent to the group, or to have mock rounds of job interviews.


These meetings will be open to all groups within the DCLS, and to anyone interested in these topics, also from other faculties. By opening it to a broader audience, we wish to foster interdisciplinary dialogue, and gain feedback from experts on different fields, as, for instance, evolutionary biology, philosophy of language, bioacoustics, psycholinguistics, linguistics, data science and neuroscience.


On Zoom.


Roughly once a month (but ad hoc meetings could also be arranged opportunistically), on a Monday or Friday afternoon.

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