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Department of Comparative Language Science

Marine Vuillermet

Dr. Marine Vuillertmet

Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF

Distributional Linguistics Lab

Indo-European Studies Group



Initially a descriptivist working on Ese Ejja, a Takanan language of the Bolivian and Peruvian lowlands, I have always anchored my studies in a typological, genealogical and areal perspective. I am particularly interested in recently identified features, like apprehensional morphology, associated posture, and mistaken belief, that seem to be more frequent in little known languages spoken by smaller communities of Amazonia and Australia. My main contribution within the Out Of Asia project is to identify potential areal features and design detailed questionnaires to allow for systematic surveys of these features in a very large and genetically diverse sample. The interdisciplinary team of Out of Asia allows me to not 'just' learn more about the typological specificities of these recent features and their distribution, but to put those findings into a bigger perspective by linking them to the contact and genetic history of the languages of the Americas. 




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