Studying Comparative Indo-European Studies

The degree courses provide a solid foundation in the manifold areas of Comparative Indo-European Studies. These entail in particular the methods of historical linguistics and the philological skills required for the understanding of the individual Indo-European languages. The courses encompass all sub-branches with an emphasis on Indo-Iranian (e. g. Sanskrit and Avestan), Baltic (e. g. Lithuanian), Tocharian, Anatolian (e. g. Hittite), Celtic (e. g. Irish and Welsh), and the classical languages Greek and Latin. There is a close cooperation with many institutions at the UZH, e. g. Indology, Classics, German Studies, General Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Slavic Studies, History and Phonetics, in research and in teaching.

Indo-European Studies are offered in four different programs on the BA-level and on the MA-level respectively. Two PhD-programs are offered as well.

For further information please contact Prof. Dr. P. Widmer via the e-mail studienberatung.idg AT