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Department of Comparative Language Science Indo-European Studies

Indo-European Studies in Zurich


Indo-Europeanists are engaged in the study of the older stages of the languages of the Indo-European language family, which comprises Anatolian, Greek, Indic, Iranian, Italic, Celtic, Germanic, Armenian, Tocharian, Slavic, Baltic, Albanian and other, fragmentarily attested languages. Nowadays, the Indo-European languages are spoken by the majority of the world's population and encompass the regions of India, Central Asia, Europe and even of the Americas and Australia. Our objectives in Zürich entail the reconstruction of the common ancestor language of this language family, the linguistic description of the individual languages and their development within their respective historical, geographical, cultural, social and literary contexts.

A well-founded knowledge both in the philologies of the respective individual languages and in diachronic and synchronic linguistics are imperative for the above mentioned objectives. In Zürich our main focus is on Indo-Iranian, Greek, Celtic, Baltic and Tocharian. In addition we address the development and implementation of the methods concerning the analysis and description of diachronic linguistics, and the buildup and expansion of data infrastructures and data bases.

An overview of our current projects may be obtained by consulting the publication listings.