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Department of Comparative Language Science Balthasar Bickel

Selected presentations and handouts

(Currently not updated)
2015 Modeling the diachrony of grammar: which data? which methods? Invited presentation at: Lorentz Center International Scientific Workshop: Capturing Phylogenetic Algorithms for Linguistics, Leiden, October 30, 2015 PDF
2015 Kiranti in global perspective. Plenary at: 48th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics, Santa Barbara, August 22, 2015, PDF (PDF, 8 MB)
2015 Moving beyond Pāṇini: causal theories in linguistics. Keynote at: 1st Conference on Causality in the Language Sciences, Leipzig, April 14, 2015 PDF (PDF, 3 MB)
2014 Beyond universals: exploring the conditions of language. Plenary at: 36th Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society. Marburg, March 5, 2014  PDF (PDF, 9 MB)
2012 Areal diachronies. Invited presentation at: Workshop on Quantitative Approaches to Areal Typology, Amsterdam, December 13, 2012 PDF (PDF, 9 MB)
2012 The dynamics of areas and universals. Invited presentation at: KNAW Conference on Patterns of Diversification and Contact: a Global Perspective, Amsterdam, December 11, 2012 PDF (PDF, 11 MB)
2012 Exploring similarities across linguistic structures: phylogenetic methods beyond phylogeny. Invited presentation at: Workshop on Phylomemetic and Phylogenetic Approaches in the Humanities, Bern, November 24, 2012 PDF (PDF, 10 MB)
2011 Variation and universals in referential density. Lecture given at the Linguistics Department, U. Geneva, November 15, 2011
2011 (with Volker Gast) The corpus as a database: Towards a multifactorial typology of clause linkage. Exploratory Workshop: towards a multilingual database of connectives, Les Diablerets, Switzerland, August 31, 2011 PDF
2011 (with Volker Gast and Lennart Bierkandt) Towards a corpus-based typology of clause linkage. A case study of cross-clausal extraction. Guest lecture in Hamburg, September 5, 2011 PDF
2011 Discussion notes from the SLE workshop on Referential Hierarchies in Alignment Typology. 44th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Logroño, Spain, September 8-9, 2011 PDF (PDF, 21 KB)
2011 Government and agreement: what's where why? Explorations in Syntactic Government and Subcategorisation, Cambridge, England, September 1, 2011 PDF (PDF, 3 MB)
2011 The role of genealogical units in explaining linguistic distributions: a case study on referential density. Workshop “Cross-linguistic and language-internal variation in text and speech: focus on the joint analysis of multiple characteristics”, Freiburg, Germany, 9-11 February 2011 PDF (PDF, 5 MB)
2010 (with Alena Witzlack-Makarevich and Taras Zakharako) Case alignment across the lexicon. Syntax of the World’s Languages IV Lyon, 23-26 September 2010 PDF (PDF, 3 MB)
2010 Towards a multivariate typology of reference tracking. Meeting of the Research Group 742 “Grammar and Processing of Verbal Arguments”, Leipzig, April 21 PDF
2010 Course on Quantitative methods in typology. Summer School on Linguistic Typology, Leipzig, August 2010 PDF
2010 Referential effects on grammatical relations. Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Dep. of Linguistics, Budapest, March 26PDF (PDF, 3 MB)
2009 Typological patterns and hidden diversity. Plenary talk, 8th Biannual Meeting of the Association for Linguistic Typology, Berkeley, July 24, 2009 PDF (PDF, 2 MB)
2008 Quantitative Analysis of DOBES Corpora Using R. DOBES Workshop on Language Documentation Methods, Nijmegen, June 13, 2008. PDF (PDF, 2 MB)
2008 Grammatical relations in Chintang. Work in Progress presentation, Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, October 7, 2008. PDF (PDF, 127 KB)
2007 (with René Schiering) Does Vietnamese have prosodic words? A Mon-Khmer development and its typological significance. Austroasiatic Workshop, April 22, 2007, MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig. PDF (PDF, 3 MB)
2006 What favors rara? A Himalayan case study. Rara and Rarissima conference, Leipzig, March 29 - April 1, 2006 PDF (PDF, 12 MB)
2006 Referential density in typological perspective. Plenary talk, Leipzig Spring School on Linguistic Diversity, March 22, 2006 PDF (PDF, 9 MB)
2005 On the typological variables of relativization. Workshop on the typology, acquisition, and processing of relative clauses, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, June 11, 2005 PDF (PDF, 317 KB)
2005 Statistische Probleme korpusbasierter Typologie. 3. Leipziger Vernetzungstreffen Korpuslinguistik, September 29, 2005 PDF (PDF, 4 MB)
2005 Korpusbasierte Variablen in der Typologie. 1. Leipziger Vernetzungstreffen Korpuslinguistik, April 28, 2005 PDF (PDF, 5 MB)
2004 Munda languages and the typological enclave in the Himalayas. Munda Meeting, Leipzig, October 27 PDF (PDF, 104 KB)
2003 (with Johanna Nichols) Typological enclaves. 5th Biannual Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology, Cagliari, September 18, 2003 PDF
2002 The AUTOTYP research program. Invited talk, Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Typology Resource Center Utrecht, September 26-28, 2002 PDF (PDF, 1 MB)
2001 Genetic stability in the contact zone of Sino-Tibetan and Indo-European. 23rd Annual Meeting of the German Association for Linguistics, Leipzig, February 28. PDF (PDF, 113 KB)

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