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Department of Comparative Language Science Comparative Communication and Cognition Group

Comparative Communication and Cognition Group


We are interested in the evolutionary origins of human language. By taking a broad comparative approach, investigating the vocal communication and cognition skills of a disparate array of primate and non-primate animals (vervet monkeys, chimpanzees, wolves, pied babblers, chestnut-crowned babblers, magpies), we aim to unpack the similarities and differences between animal and human communication. This approach will help elucidate the phylogenetic age of the human language faculty and the selective conditions that promoted its emergence.

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Group News

06/22: Congrats to group member Joseph Mine for the acceptance of his first publication in Science Advances on the vocal coordination of hunting in chimpanzees - more soon!


05/22: New paper on processing of degraded speech in a bonobo (Kanzi!) in Animal Cognition.


12/21: Welcome to Isaac Schamberg and Nicole Lahiff who have joined the CCCG group to work on bonobo vocal production flexibility!


09/21: Welcome to new postdoc Melissa Berthet who will be working with us on bonobo combinatorics!