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Department of Comparative Language Science Comparative Communication and Cognition Group



Name Titel Funktion E-Mail Telefon
Simon W. Townsend Prof. Dr. SNSF Professor
Group Leader
simonwilliam.townsend AT +41 44 63 40211
Nicole Lahiff Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher nicole.lahiff AT +41 44 63 40223
Isaac Schamberg Dr Postdoctoral Researcher isaac_schamberg AT +41 44 63 40223
Melissa Berthet Dr Postdoctoral Researcher melissa.berthet AT  
Maël Leroux MSc PhD Student/postdoctoral researcher, SNSF mael.leroux AT


+41 44 63 40223
Franziska Wegdell MSc PhD Student, NCCR franziska.wegdell AT    
Joseph Mine MSc PhD Student NCCR joseph.mine AT    
Alexandra Bosshard MA PhD Student NCCR
alexandra.bosshard AT
Silvan Spiess MSc PhD Student silvan.spiess AT  
Chiara Zulberti BA MSc Student    
Nurcihan Özcan BA MA Student    



Prof. Andy Russell University of Exeter

Prof. Klaus Zuberbuhler University of Neuchatel/University of St Andrews

Dr. Katie E. Slocombe University of York

Assoc. Prof. Amanda Ridley University of Western Australia

Dr. Friederike Range University of Vienna

Prof. Balthasar Bickel University of Zurich

Prof. Volker Dellwo University of Zurich

Prof. Sabine Stoll University of Zurich

Dr. Martin Surbeck Harvard University