Jekaterina Mažara


I am a PhD student in the ACQDIV project. My main interests lie in modelling of learning processes and the exploration of quantitative methods for the study of language acquisition in longitudinal corpora. 

Some of my core research interests are:

  • acquisition of tense and aspect morphology 
  • modelling of acquisition rates of various linguistic structures 
  • measuring the increase of flexibility in children's production
  • visualization of acquisition processes


I am also project coordinator in the SNF funded project Documentation and acquisition of Romansh Tuatschin. One of the main goals of the project is the collection, transcription, and annotation of a longitudinal audio-visual corpus of 6 Tuatschin-speaking children between the ages of 2;0 and 4;0. My main responsibilities in the project lie in data collection and corpus management as well as overseeing the segmentation and transcription processes.


Since Sep 15

working towards PhD in General Linguistics; University of Zurich, first advisor: Prof. Dr. Sabine Stoll, second advisor: Prof. Dr. Jean-Pascal Pfister)

Working Title of Dissertation: Mechanisms of aspect acquisition in typologically diverse languages

Aug 12 - Dec 12 Visiting Scholar at University of California Berkeley
Feb 09 - Aug 10

MA, University of Zurich

double major in Slavic linguistics and English literature

minor in General Linguistics

Sep 06 - Dec 08

BA, University of Zurich

double-major in Slavic literature and linguistics and English literature and linguistics


Sep 15 - present Research assistant in ACQDIV
Sep 10 - Jul 15

Graduate research and teaching assistant


Slavic Department, University of Zurich

Jun 12 - Jun 15

Researcher in the project "Pragmatics of interaction in political language in Post-Socialist Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic" (P.I. Prof. Dr. Daniel Weiss)

Sep 08 - Aug 10 Student teaching assistant, Slavic Department, University of Zurich

Supervised works

  Hintermann, Nick (2015). Development of Verbal Morphology in the Acquisition of Russian. Zurich: UZH BA thesis.

Conference Organization

10 – 13 September 2017

Co-organized workshop on "First language acquisition in the languages of the world" at the 50th meeting of the SLE in Zurich (with Damián Blasi and Sabine Stoll)
20 – 21 Oct 2013 Organisation of the conference "Pragmatics of Implicit Communication in Eastern European Political Discourse", Zurich

Peer-reviewed publications

(imported from ZORA)


Under Review

Mazara, Jekaterina. 2015. Impoliteness in Russian televised political debates. In: Baczkowska, Anna (ed). Impoliteness in Interaction. Amsterdam: Benjamins.