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Jekaterina Mažara

I am a postdoc in the ACQDIV lab. My main interests lie in modelling of learning processes and the exploration of quantitative methods for the study of language acquisition in longitudinal corpora. I got my PhD from the University of Zurich in 2020.

Some of my core research interests are:

  • acquisition of tense and aspect morphology
  • interplay of language and pointing gestures
  • modelling of acquisition rates of various linguistic structures
  • measuring the increase of flexibility in children's production
  • visualization of acquisition processes

Concurrent with my PhD work, I also worked on the SNF funded project Documentation and acquisition of Romansh Tuatschin. One of the main goals of the project was the collection, transcription, and annotation of a longitudinal audio-visual corpus of 6 Tuatschin-speaking children between the ages of 2;0 and 4;0. My main contribution to the project was the collection and management of data as well as overseeing the segmentation and transcription processes.


Sep 15 - Feb 20

PhD in General Linguistics; University of Zurich

advisors: Sabine Stoll (UZH), Jean-Pascal Pfister UZH/ETH Zürich/Uni Bern)

committee: Balthasar Bickel (UZH), Elena Lieven (University of Manchester)

Working Title of Dissertation: Mechanisms of aspect acquisition in typologically diverse languages

2012 Visiting Scholar at University of California Berkeley
Feb 09 - Aug 10

MA, University of Zurich

double major in Slavic linguistics and English literature

minor in General Linguistics

Sep 06 - Dec 08

BA, University of Zurich

double-major in Slavic literature and linguistics and English literature and linguistics


Jan 2021 - present Postdoc in the ACQDIV Lab
July 16 - July 2020 Project coordinator and researcher in the project Documentation and acquisition of Romansh Tuatschin
Sep 15 - Sep 19 Research assistant in ACQDIV project
Sep 10 - Jul 15

Graduate research and teaching assistant


Slavic Department, University of Zurich

Jun 12 - Jun 15

Researcher in the project "Pragmatics of interaction in political language in Post-Socialist Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic" (P.I. Prof. Dr. Daniel Weiss)

Sep 08 - Aug 10 Student teaching assistant, Slavic Department, University of Zurich

Supervised works

BA theses: Nick Hintermann (2015), Irina Largey (2021), Oliwia Oleszawska (2021), Joey Huang (2022)
MA theses: Selma Hardegger (2023, co-supervised with Sabine Stoll), Danica Pajović (2016, in an unofficial capacity)


Conference Organization

10 – 13 September 2017

Co-organized workshop on "First language acquisition in the languages of the world" at the 50th meeting of the SLE in Zurich (with Damián Blasi and Sabine Stoll)
20 – 21 Oct 2013 Organisation of the conference "Pragmatics of Implicit Communication in Eastern European Political Discourse", Zurich

Peer-reviewed publications

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ZORA Publication List

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Under Review

Mazara, Jekaterina. 2015. Impoliteness in Russian televised political debates. In: Baczkowska, Anna (ed). Impoliteness in Interaction. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 


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Dr. Jekaterina Mazara

Postdoctoral Researcher

Language, ACQuisition, DIVersity Lab



Department of Comparative Language Science

University of Zurich
Affolternstrasse 56
CH-8050 Zurich