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Name Title Function Email Phone Building
Barbieri, Chiara Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, URPP Evolution chiara.barbieri AT +41 44 63 54950 Y13
Baumann, Per Dr. des. Librarian; Lecturer per.baumann AT +41 44 63 40226 PLK
Baumgartner, Reto MA Research Assistant, SNSF reto.baumgartner2 AT +41 44 63 54209 Y11
Bickel, Balthasar Prof. Dr. Professor of General Linguistics balthasar.bickel AT +41 44 63 40220 PLK
Blasi, Damián Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher  damian.blasi AT +41 44 63 40225 PLK
Bleiker, Marco lic. phil. Research Assistant, SNSF m.bleiker AT +41 44 63 57481 BIN
Bonmann, Svenja MA Research Assistant (PhD Student), SNSF svenja.bonmann AT +41 44 63 42039 PLK
Boote Cooper, Alys BA Student Assistant, SNSF alys.bootecooper AT    
Bosshard, Alexandra BA Student Assistant, ERC alexandra.bosshard AT    
Cathcart, Chundra Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF chundra.cathcart AT +41 44 63 40238 PLK
Cathomas, Claudia Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, URPP Language and Space claudia.cathomas AT +41 44 63 40238 PLK
Charles, Nicholas   Student Assistant nicholas.charles AT    
Ebert, Christian MA Research Assistant (PhD Student) christiangeorg.ebert AT +41 44 63 40239 PLK
Efrat-Kowalsky, Nour MA Research Assistant (PhD Student), URPP Language and Space nour.efrat-kowalsky AT    
Egurtzegi, Aitor MSc Research Assistant (PhD Student), SNSF aitor.martinezegurcegui AT +41 44 63 40239 PLK
Engesser, Sabrina Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF sabrina.engesser AT +41 44 63 40223 PLK
Ger, Ebru MA Research Assistant (PhD Student), SNSF e.ger AT +41 44 63 57497 BIN
Gerster, Andreas BA Student Assistant, ERC andreasdaniel.gerster AT    
Gfeller, Kim BA Student Assistant, SNSF kimfabian.gfeller AT    
Giroud, Nathalie MA EEG Consultant nathalie.giroud AT +41 44 63 45896 AND
Gordon, Heath BA Student Assistant, SNSF heath.gordon AT    
Habel, Katharina   Student Assistant, ERC katharina.habel AT    
Hanetseder, Eva lic. phil. Lecturer eva.hanetseder AT    
Hellwig, Oliver Dr. habil. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF oliver.hellwig AT    
Herdeg, Alexandra   Student Assistant, SNSF sandravanessa.herdeg AT    
Hölzl, Andreas Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF andreas.hoelzl AT +41 44 63 42859 PLK
Hotz, Rolf BA Student Assistant, SNSF rolf.hotzmolina AT    
Hove, Ingrid Dr. Lecturer ingrid.hove AT    
Huber, Juliette Dr. Lecturer juliette.huber AT    
Huber, Thomas   Student Assistant, SNSF thomas.huber3 AT    
Jancso, Anna   Student Assistant, ERC anna.jancso AT    
Jeker, Natascha   Student Assistant      
Ibrahim, Omnia MA Research Assistant (PhD Student), URPP Language and Space omnia.ibrahim AT    
Jenny, Mathias PD Dr. Senior Researcher mathias.jenny AT +41 44 63 43539 PLK
Jing, Yingqi MA Research Assistant (PhD Student), CSC yingqi.jing AT +41 44 63 40239 PLK
Julmi, Nora BA Student Assistant, SNSF nora.julmi AT    
Jung, Dagmar Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, ERC dagmar.jung AT +41 44 63 40221 PLK
Leach, Robert Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF robert.leach AT    
Lee, Wei-Wei MA Research Assistant (PhD Student), SNSF wei.lee AT +41 44 63 40239 PLK
Leroux, Maël MA Research Assistant (PhD Student), SNSF mael.leroux AT +41 44 63 40223 PLK
Lester, Nicholas MA Postdoctoral Researcher, ERC nicholasandrew.lester AT +41 44 63 40238 PLK
Leuenberger, Fabienne BA Student Assistant fabienne.leuenberger AT    
Loporcaro, Michele Prof. Dr. Professor of Romance and General Linguistics loporcar AT +41 44 63 43614 ZUG
Mächler, Marco   IT Supporter marco.maechler AT +41 44 63 40171 PLK
Mariani, Martha   Department office sekretariat AT +41 44 63 42185 PLK
Mažara, Jekaterina MA Project Coordinator, Research Assistant (PhD Student), ERC jekaterina.mazara AT +41 44 63 40238  PLK
Mögel, Ruben   Student Assistant, ERC ruben.moegel AT    
Moran, Steven Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, ERC and UZH steven.moran AT +41 44 63 40221 PLK
Muheim, Nora   Library Assistant nora.muheim AT    
Plamada, Magdalena Dr. Research Assistant, SNSF magdalena.plamada AT +41 44 63 57120 RAG
Ring, Hiram Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF hiram.ring AT +41 44 63 40237 PLK
Säuberli, Andreas   Student Assistant, SNSF andreas.saeuberli AT    
Sauppe, Sebastian Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF sebastian.sauppe AT +41 44 63 40237 PLK
Scarlata, Salvatore Dr. Senior Researcher salvatore.scarlata AT +41 44 63 42039 PLK
Sommer, Florian Dr. Research Assistant florian.sommer2 AT +41 44 63 45794 FRF
Stoll, Sabine Prof. Dr. Leader of the Psycholinguistics Laboratory sabine.stoll AT +41 44 63 40231 PLK
Townsend, Simon Prof. Dr. SNSF Professor, Leader of CCC Group simonwilliam.townsend AT +41 44 63 40211 PLK
Völlmin, Sascha Dr. Administrator; PhD Coordinator Linguistics and CL; Admin. Coordinator Zurich Center for Linguistics sascha.voellmin AT +41 44 63 40229 PLK
Washington, Kerstin   Managing Director kerstin.washington AT +41 44 63 40230 PLK
Watson, Stuart Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF stuart.watson AT +41 44 63 40223 PLK
Widmer, Manuel Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF;
Assistant to the managing director
manuel.widmer AT +41 44 63 42859 PLK
Widmer, Paul Prof. Dr. Extraordinary Professor of Indo-European Linguistics,
Head of Department
paul.widmer AT +41 44 63 46401 PLK
Yamazaki, Yoko Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) yoko.yamazaki AT   SEL
You, Guanghao MA Research Assistant (PhD Student), SNSF AT +41 44 63 40221 PLK
Zakharko, Taras Dr. Scientific Software Developer, Head of IT Administration taras.zakharko AT +41 44 63 40225 PLK
Zandy, Arezoo MA Student Assistant, ERC arezoo.zandy AT   PLK
Zehnder, Thomas PD Dr. Senior Researcher, SNSF; Lecturer thomas.zehnder AT +41 44 63 42096 RAG



Name Titel Funktion E-Mail Telefon Gebäude
Zuberbühler, Klaus Prof. ISLE Visiting Fellow, University of Neuchâtel klaus.zuberbuehler AT    
Suter, Edgar lic. phil. Visiting Fellow, University of Cologne esut AT