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Department of Comparative Language Science

DCLS Colloquium

FS 23

Time: 16:15 - 18:00; Room: AFL-F-121



Speaker(s) Title
22.02.23 --- --- no colloquium ---



Sean Roberts, Cardiff University The future of large-scale cross-cultural correlations
08.03.23 Igor Yanovich , University of Vienna Approximate Bayesian Computation for complex models with lexical data


--- no colloquium ---
22.03.23 Maarten Mous, Leiden University Fusion of related languages: the case of the Rangi and Mbugwe Bantu languages of Tanzania

Silvan Spiess, UZH

Nataliya Fartdinova, UZH


Valerie Ledermann, MA thesis

Konatsu Ono, MA thesis

Syntax-like structuring and vocal complexity in a social bird

The role of auditory selective attention in speech processing

Language endangerment and conflict risk

Communication and Supporting Physiological Mechanisms in Cooperating Marmosets


Barbara Höhle
What the eyes reveal about language acquisition
12.04.23 --- --- no colloquium ---
19.04.23 --- --- no colloquium ---
26.04.23 Tilbe Göksun Internal and external sources of variation in early language development


Silke Brandt, Lancaster University A cross-linguistic perspective on Theory of Mind and language development
10.05.23 Sonja Riesberg, CNRS / University of Cologne & Mark Ellison, University of Cologne Discourse prominence in Totoli: voice choice and word order
17.05.23 --- --- no colloquium ---
24.05.23 Jonas Obleser
Listening and meta-listening — Direct and indirect pathways in auditory language comprehension
31.05.23 Lars Meyer Brain Rhythms of Chunking: Constraining Processing, Shaping Language


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