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Department of Comparative Language Science

ISLE Colloquium

Spring 24

Day: Tuesdays
Time: 16:15–18:00
Room: AFL-F-121


Speaker(s) Title
20.02.24 No Colloquium  
27.02.24 Erich Round, University of Surrey Language's infection point: From cognitive spark to astounding richness


different time slot: 12:15-13:30

Usha Goswami (ISLE, NCCR, B&C)


Dyslexia, Rhythm, Language and the Developing Brain
12.03.24 Klaus Oberauer, University of Zurich The role of working memory for language
19.03.24 Olga Filatova, University of Southern Denmark

Cultural macro- and microevolution of killer whale dialects

26.03.24 Aixiu An, University of Zurich Evidence for a communication-based approach to acceptability across 8 languages
02.04.2024 No Colloquium / Easter Break  
09.04.2024 No Colloquium  
16.04.2024 Carel ten Cate, Leiden University The linguistic abilities of birds – a window on language evolution
23.04.2024 No Colloquium  



No Colloquium  
07.05.2024 Steffen Hage, University of Tübingen Motor control mechanisms in primate vocal behavior
14.05.2024 No Colloquium  
21.05.2024 tba tba
28.05.2024 Nina Kazanina, University of Geneva tba

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