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Department of Comparative Language Science

DCLS Colloquium

Fall 23

Day: Wednesdays
Time: 16:15 – 18:00
Room: AFL-F-121


Speaker(s) Title
20.9.23 Frank Seifart, ZAS Berlin / CNRS DLLD Lyon Determinants of local deceleration of speech in world-wide samples of spoken corpora
4.10.23 John Mansfield, UZH

Formal and emotional aspects of human language

11.10.23 Eleanor Chodroff, UZH Crosslinguistic structure in phonetic realization
18.10.23 Tai Hong, UZH & Guido Linders, UZH

Tai Hong: Evolution of morphosyntactic alignment

Guido Linders: Looking beyond written English: How investigations of statistical linguistic patterns across languages and registers can benefit our understanding of language and cognition

25.10.23 NO COLLOQUIUM  
1.11.23 Grégoire Hansen, UZH & Pelin Teberoglu, UZH Grégoire Hansen: The phonology of Suansu, a Trans-Himalayan language of Manipur
Pelin Teberoglu: An acoustic analysis of the Turkish vowel system
8.11.23 NO COLLOQUIUM X-PPL Workshop
15.11.23 Ioulia Kovelman, University of Michigan The Reading Brain:  Bilingual and Cross-Linguistic Perspectives on Literacy
22.11.23 Caroline Andrews, UZH Producing case in Shipibo-Konibo: Ergativity and Optionality in Planning
29.11.23 NO COLLOQUIUM  
6.12.23 Catalina Torres, UZH Crossed, nested, and adjoint dependencies in Swiss German: a neurophonetic study
13.12.23 Yaqing Su, UZH/UNIGE How does the human brain extract meta-linguistic information from speech? A model-guided MEG study
20.12.23 NO COLLOQUIUM  

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