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Department of Comparative Language Science

The Department of Comparative Language Science


The institute is managed by the Director of the Institute, Prof. Dr. Sabine Stoll e-mail

She is supported by the Head of Administration, Anke Benker e-mail



The Department of Comparative Language Science is devoted to the comparative study of languages in terms of their diachronic dynamics, processing and learning mechanisms and their phylogenetic origins. This involves not only the study of language change and reconstructions worldwide and especially in the Indo-European family, but also the exploration of language learning mechanisms in children and the comparison with communication and cognition in other species.

Instruction is offered by the department in the form of BA, MA and PhD programs in Comparative Linguistics, Evolutionary Language Science, Descriptive Linguistics, Psycholinguistics and Indo-European Linguistics. 

Founded on January 1, 2014, the department merged chairs in General Linguistics and in Indo-European Studies and has since expanded by adding groups in language development research, comparative communication and cognition, Southeast Asia studies and Celtic studies.