SIG Data

This special interest group provides space to discuss issues and share problems that relate to any aspects of "data": descriptive issues for human languages but also animal language; methodological questions about data collection and data acquisition; topics including data handling such as storage, archiving, editing, databases and corpora, as well as data science. 

Since many departmental members are involved in one way or another to collect, annotate, analyze, and store data, these meetings facilitate sharing of ideas and experiences in this field.

It is also a good place to discuss work in progress that relate to any of these issues in corpus work. Our meetings are generally on a monthly basis, but can also be organized when needed! If you would like to participate and present a topic, please get in touch with Dagmar Jung.


Self-study group

Date Room Topic
starts 23 March 2020, 3-4pm; biweekly virtual; coordinated by Arrate Isasi-Isasmendi Intro Bayesian stats



Date Room Topic
27 October 2019 15:00-16:00 PLK 204 Hiram Ring: Verb-initiality in Austroasiatic: datasets, goal, method
13 November 2019 14:00-13:00 PLK 204 Guanghao You: Exploring semantic representation using "word2vec"
10 December 2019 15:30-16:30 PLK 204

Nick Lester: Challenges of tagging spoken Indonesian for part of speech

5 February 2020 15:00-16:00

PLK 204 Giuachin Kreiliger: Bayesian model choice

19 February 2020 13:00-14:30

PLK 204 Alena Witzlack: AUTOTYP – an informal introduction

28 February 2020



(joint session with SIG Language Dynamics) Paul Heggarty (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena):  IE-CoR: A New Database Resource, New Phylogeny, New Date, and New Origins Hypothesis for Indo-European

06 March 2020


PLK 204 Shipibo summit: brief intro to linguistic topics and planned research (Marine Vuillermet, Caroline Andrews, Sabine Stoll)