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Department of Comparative Language Science


Workshop program

Please note the changes in the program: the keynotes of Silvia Gennari and T. Florian Jaeger switched slots and the talk by Gertraud Fenk-Oczlon was cancelled.


May 15 8:45 Introduction by organisers
  9:15 Keynote: Silvia GennariConstraints on phrase structure choice across languages (PDF, 17 KB)
  10:15 Gabriela Garrido Rodríguez, Falk Huettig, Penelope Brown and Stephen Levinson. Prediction of thematic roles in Tzeltal: Eye tracking evidence from sentence comprehension in a verb-initial language (PDF, 49 KB)
  10:45 Coffee break (until 11:30)
  11:00 Gertraud Fenk-Oczlon. The constant flow of linguistic information: subject first preference in word order and in ambiguity resolution (PDF, 100 KB)
  11:30 Valentina Bambini, Paolo Canal, Federica Breimaier, Domenico Meo, Diego Pescarini and Michele Loporcaro. Brain signature of morphosyntactic change in the gender system of a southern Italo-Romance dialect (PDF, 341 KB)
  12:00 Hélène Guiraud, Véronique Boulenger and Francois Pellegrino. Cortical Oscillations and Language Variation: Towards a Cross-Linguistic Perspective (PDF, 294 KB)
  12:30 Idoia Ros, Adam Zawiszewski, Mikel Santesteban and Itziar Laka. The impact of language-specific distributional patterns on the bias for short dependencies: Cross-linguistic evidence from Basque, Polish and Spanish (PDF, 202 KB)
  13:00 Lunch break
  14:15 Keynote: Caleb Everett. Does the brain favor certain forms of numerical language? Another look at the typological data (PDF, 23 KB)
  15:15 Johannes Gerwien. Predicting referents based on structural meaning – The case of the Mandarin Chinese bǎ-construction (PDF, 350 KB)
  15:45 Coffee break
  16:00 Keynote: T. Florian Jaeger. Seeds of change? Adaptation during language processing and production (PDF, 32 KB)
  17:00 End
May 16 9:00 Keynote: Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky & Matthias Schleswesky. Predictions all the way up: predictive coding from neural microcircuits to language change (PDF, 28 KB)
  10:00 Maayan Keshev and Aya Meltzer-Asscher. The relation between processing costs and wh-island effects: An experimental syntax study of Hebrew (PDF, 227 KB)


Tomás Goucha, Alfred Anwander and Angela D Friederici. Language differences shape a universal brain network (PDF, 86 KB)
  11:00 Break
  11:30 Muqing Li, Johannes Gerwien and Monique Flecken. First things first: Cross-linguistic analyses of event apprehension (PDF, 279 KB)
  12:00 Keynote: Aylin Küntay. Word order and case markers in sentence processing of verb-final languages in early child language: Act-out and eye-tracking studies (PDF, 18 KB)
  13:00 Lunch break
  14:30 Alina Kholodova, Michelle Peter, Caroline Rowland and Shanley Allen. Syntactic priming in a strongly biased language: Investigating continuity of processing mechanisms across development (PDF, 350 KB)
  15:00 Kenny Smith, Mark Atkinson, Simon Kirby and Olga Feher. The role of asymmetric alignment in linguistic simplification (PDF, 79 KB)
  15:30 Sander Lestrade. Explaining word-order preference using computer simulations of language evolution (PDF, 53 KB)
  16:00 Break
  16:15 Julia Misersky, Asifa Majid and Tineke Snijders. The effects of grammatical gender on reference processing in German: An ERP study (PDF, 73 KB)
  16:45 Keynote: Nikolaus P. Himmelmann. Universals of language 3.0 (PDF, 49 KB)
  17:45 End
May 17 9:00

Roundtable discussion

Discussants: Balthasar Bickel, Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, Caleb Everett, Silvia Gennari, Nikolaus P. Himmelmann, T. Florian Jaeger, Aylin Küntay, and Sabine Stoll

  11:00 End


If you give a talk, please make sure to transfer your slides to the presentation computer at least in the break before your session!