Romance languages and the others: the Balkan Sprachbund 2018


“Romance languages and the others: the Balkan Sprachbund”

24-25 May 2018

University of Zurich
(organizers: Francesco Gardani, Michele Loporcaro, Alberto Giudici)

as part of the SNF/Sinergia project “LiMiTS” (Linguistic Morphology in Time and Space, SNF [CRSII1_160739 / 1]).



Thursday, 24 May 2018    KOL-G-217

08:45-09:15 Welcome coffee
09:15-09:20 Official welcome (UZH authorities)
09:20-09:30 Francesco Gardani & Michele Loporcaro
  Welcome and introduction
  Chair: Michele Loporcaro
09:30-10:10 Martin Maiden (Oxford)
  How 'Slavonic' is Daco-Romance verb morphology?
10:10-10:50 Francesco Gardani (Zurich)
  Verbal aspect in Istro-Romanian
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
  Chair: Francesco Gardani
11:20-12:00 Brian Joseph (Ohio State U)
  Eastern and Western Romance in the Balkans — The contrasting but revealing positions of the Romanian languages and Judeo-Spanish
12:00-12:40 Angela Ralli (Patras)
  Romance contrasting Turkish as donor languages in the Greek-speaking world


12:40-14:45 Lunch break (Dozentenfoyer)
  Chair: Brian Joseph


Barbara Sonnenhauser & Paul Widmer (Zurich)
  Albanian as a (non-)Balkan language: morphosyntactic aspects
15:25-16:05 Paul Widmer & Barbara Sonnenhauser (Zurich)
  Albanian as a (non-)Balkan language: what is actually lost or gained?

Friday, 25 May 2018     KAB-G-01

  Chair: Martin Maiden
09:30-10:10 Adam Ledgeway (Cambridge)
  The Romanian definite article in a comparative Romance perspective
10:10-10:50 Michele Loporcaro, Francesco Gardani & Alberto Giudici (Zurich)
  Borrowed numerals in Istro-Romanian
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:00 Walter Breu (Konstanz)
  Italo-Albanian: Balkan inheritance and Romance influence
  Chair: Francesco Gardani & Michele Loporcaro
12:00-12:15 Final discussion and closing remarks