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Department of Comparative Language Science

SIG Corpus

SIG Corpus offers a platform for people who are interested in the annotation and analysis of unstructured data. The data may be, but not exclusively, in the form of written texts, transcribed speech, animal call sequences and video data.

Potential topics concerning annotation could involve discussing challenging cases or finding ways of automating parts of the annotation process.

Regarding analysis of corpora, we will, for instance, discuss (statistical) challenges that arise due to small data samples.

Additionally, the group provides a means to exchange news of research developments in corpus linguistics and language technology by discussing papers or inviting guest speakers.

Due to shared interests, joint meetings with SIG Field Work and SIG Description and Analysis will take place.

The SIG Corpus meets approximately once per month or on demand and the meetings will be announced on the department mailing list. Please contact Eva Huber if you have any suggestions, questions or comments.