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Department of Comparative Language Science

SIG Phonology and Morphology

The Special Interest Group in Phonology and Morphology is a venue for discussion of topics in phonology and morphology, broadly construed. The group brings together members from different lab groups and departments to make connections and to learn more about each other’s work and interests.
Members are welcome to present work in progress for feedback from the group, propose group readings for discussion, or talks from members or invited guests. Work in progress may take the form of a short presentation, group reading of a manuscript, or introduction to an issue for suggestions and feedback. Group readings may cover a complex topic or methodology that we can all work on understanding together. Talks may take the form of practice talks from members, more structured presentations of work in progress, or guest talks on a topic we are all interested in. In all cases, the topics will fall under the umbrella of phonology and morphology, providing a space for digging deeply into both theory and methodology in these areas.
The Phonology and Morphology SIG meets roughly 2-3 times per month. Reminder emails are sent to the department mailing list and posted to the department calendar. Please contact Sarah Babinski for information about meetings and for access to the semester schedule.