Former staff and emeriti

Name Title (at the time) Functions (at the department)
Auderset, Sandra MA Assistant
Aufderheide, Tim MA PhD Student
Bätscher, Kevin MA Research Assistant
Bearth, Thomas Prof. em. Dr. Emeritus, General Linguistics; at the department 1988 - 2004
Bernardasci, Camilla MA Assistant
Blasi, Damian Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher
Bleiker, Marco lic. phil. Research Assistant, SNSF
Bonmann, Svenja MA PhD Student, SNSF
Cook, Holly MSc. Research Assistant
De Vaan, Michiel Prof. Dr. Lecturer
Dellwo, Volker Prof. Dr. Assistant Professor of Phonetics and Phonology
Dimos, Konstantinos MA Research Assistant (PhD Student), SNSF
Dunkel, George E. Prof. em. Dr. Emeritus, Indo-European Linguistics; at the department 1986 - 2014
Easterday, Shelece Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher
† Ebert, Karen H. Prof. em. Dr. Emerita, General Linguistics; at the department 1989 - 2010
Engesser, Sabrina Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher
Erlach, Michael MA Research Assistant
Frey, Natascha Dr. Coordinator of the PhD Program in Linguistics
Friedrichs, Daniel MA Research Assistant (PhD Student), SNSF, FK UZH
Gardani, Francesco Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF
Ger, Ebru Dr. PhD Student, SNSF
Haurholm-Larsen, Steffen MA PhD Student, SNSF
He, Lei MA, MSc PhD Student, Gebert-Rüf-Stiftung
Hölzl, Andreas Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF
Idone, Alice MA PhD Student, SNSF
Iemmolo, Giorgio Dr. Research Assistant
Jacobs, Jessica MA Research Assistant
Jenny, Mathias Dr. Senior Researcher
Jing, Yingqi MA PhD student
Karadamou, Charitini MSc PhD Student, SNSF
Karim, Piar MA PhD Student
Kathiresan, Thayabaran MSc PhD Student, SNSF
Koláčková, Michèle lic. phil. PhD Student, SNSF
Kolly, Marie-José MA PhD Student, SNSF
Krasovskaya, Diana MA PhD Student
Leach, Robert Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF
Lee, Wei-Wei MA PhD Student, SNF
Leemann, Adrian Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF
Lester, Nicholas Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher
Leuenberger, Fabienne BA Head of Administration ISLE
Litscher, Roland lic. phil. Research Assistant; Lecturer
Mariani, Martha   Administrative Assistant
Maurer, Philippe Dr. habil. Lecturer
Meixner, Thomas lic. phil. Research Assistant; Lecturer
Moran, Steven Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher
Morand, Marie-Anne Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF
Müller, André MA PhD Student, SNSF
Negrinelli, Stefano MA PhD Student, SNSF
Paciaroni, Tania Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF
Pellegrino, Elisa Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher
Pescarini, Diego Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF
Ring, Hiram Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNF
Romagnoli, Serena MA PhD Student, SNSF
Ruch, Hanna Dr. Lecturer
Schikowski, Robert Dr. PhD Student, DFG; Postdoctoral Researcher, ERC; Lecturer
Schmid, Stephan Prof. Dr. Leader of the Phonetics Laboratory
Schnabel, Sonja Dr. Research Assistant, DFG
Schwab, Sandra Dr. Senior Researcher, Ambizione SNSF
Schwarzenbach, Michael lic. phil. Research Assistant
Schweri, Charlotte Dr. Research Assistant; Lecturer
Seidl, Christian lic. phil. Lecturer
Schnabel, Sonja Dr. Research Assistant DFG
Stephan, Konstantin Dr. Research Assistant
Strässler, Jürg Dr. Lecturer
Studer, Dieter Dr. Leader of the Phonogram Archives
Suter, Edgar Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher
van Gijn, Rik Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF
Viti, Carlotta Prof. Dr. Lecturer
Walther, Géraldine Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF
Wachter, Rudolf Prof. Dr. Lecturer
Washington-Ford, Kerstin MA Finances
Weber, Tobias lic. phil. Research Assistant; Lecturer
Widmer, Manuel Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher
Wilke, Claudia Dr.  Postdoctoral Researcher
Wiget, Lukas Dr. IT-Supporter and Programmer
Witzlack-Makarevich, Alena Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, DFG
Yamazaki, Yoko Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)
You, Guanghao MA PhD Student, SNSF
Zanini, Chiara Dr. Postdoctoral Researcher, SNSF
Zaugg-Coretti, Silvia Dr. PhD Student, SNSF; Lecturer
Zihlmann, Urban MPhil PhD Student, SNSF
Zúñiga, Fernando Prof. Dr. Assistant Professor, SNSF