Taras Zakharko

As Chief Software Developer for the General Linguistics group at the Department of Comparative Linguistics (UZH), my responsibilities are to support my colleageus by maintaining and offering IT solutions for their research. At the same time, I am conducting independent research into how computers can help linguists with collecting, managing and analysing data. To this end, I develop new software tools, statistical methods and methodological approaches.

I am the author of ToolboxSearch, an open-source R package for parsing and searching Toolbox-based corpora. ToolboxSearch includes a flexible hierarchical query language which is easy to learn and use. The most recent version of ToolboxSearch and the user manual is available at the BitBucket repository.

Research interests

  • Quantitative methods in linguistics
  • Probabilistic simulation
  • Mathematical modeling of semantics and grammar
  • Data manipulation
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Development of next-generation software tools for linguists